Kennedy in bronze. September 18, his birthday, he is back home. Today, we received the statues of our beautiful sweetheart. So emotional. We are happy that Kennedy is back with us. Sandra, you did that beautifully, thank you!

– Harry

Sandra Pot has brought my darlings back to life a bit. Words fall short, and my gratitude is so immense.

– Ellen

After Hummie passed away, I decided to have a bronze statue of him made to place his ashes in with Sandra Pot. I am very happy with it; it really looks like Hummie. Now he is a bit at home!

– Kaylee

Sandra perfectly captured our dog Jeli. It deeply moved me because the expression she managed to capture is so genuine. The working method of Sandra was also experienced as very pleasant.

– Esther

So incredibly happy with this beautiful statue! Thank you, Sandra, for this artwork, it is truly beautiful!

– Ewa

We are very happy with the end result. And what work, right? Super beautiful!

– Otto

Thank you very much for the beautiful statue!

– Corrie

Truly a beautiful statue made by Sandra Pot for my wife's retirement. Sandra, you have exceeded my expectations and left the retiree speechless.

– Arie

We still enjoy a bronze Horse sculpture created by Sandra Pot in our garden. A beautiful statue that we can and want to enjoy for a long time!

– Arjen